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Контроллер RS040 Dagu S4A

Артикул: 158991
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  • Pin configuration is compatible with S4A (V1.5).
  • Arduino Uno Bootloader.
  • ATmega328P processor @ 16MHz with 32K FLASH, 2K SRAM and 1K EEPROM.
  • Dual motor driver rated at 2.5A per motor.
  • Motor controller pins can be isolated and used as standard digital and PWM pins.
  • 6V - 9V operation with reverse polarity protection.
  • Battery voltage monitor on A7.
  • Serial Communications / Bluetooth header.
  • CP2102 USB serial interface with Mini-B USB socket and 500mA PTC fuse.
  • Built in power Switch and Reset button.
  • Digital pins on servo compatible 3 pin headers with selectable voltage (+Battery or +5V).
  • Analog pins on servo compatible 3 pin headers with +5V and Gnd to power sensors.
  • D13 LED.
  • ISP header.
  • Mounting holes are 50mm x 25mm (aprox. 2" x 1") can use 3mm or 1/8th screws.