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Контроллер RS040 Dagu S4A

Артикул: 158991
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1.Pin configuration is compatible with S4A (V1.5).

2.Arduino Uno Bootloader.

3.ATmega328P processor @ 16MHz with 32K FLASH, 2K SRAM and 1K EEPROM.

4.Dual motor driver rated at 2.5A per motor.

5.Motor controller pins can be isolated and used as standard digital and PWM pins.

6. 6V - 9V operation with reverse polarity protection.

7.Battery voltage monitor on A7.

8.Serial Communications / Bluetooth header.

9.CP2102 USB serial interface with Mini-B USB socket and 500mA PTC fuse.

10.Built in power Switch and Reset button.

11.Digital pins on servo compatible 3 pin headers with selectable voltage (+Battery or +5V).

12.Analog pins on servo compatible 3 pin headers with +5V and Gnd to power sensors.

13.D13 LED.

14.ISP header.

15.Mounting holes are 50mm x 25mm (aprox. 2" x 1") can use 3mm or 1/8th screws.